Oh I didn’t think that Zed and Nami bot lane would steam roll a Nami and Teemo but we killed Teemo and kept him under farmed so hard that it took 4 people to push out our lane.

So coming into team fights were decent because if I got into the middle of them I could shred their team many many times, a teemo, nami and rengar tried to push mid lane, Teemo being squishy as hell I flashed ult’d on to Teemo, then Rengar trying to run I turned to focus him then Nami picking up a triple kill.

In the end of when we managed to push lane I came in onto the team fight and picked up a Pentakill! My first and official Pentakill! Then picked up an unofficial Pentakill again in base before dying and allowed my 3 other teammates to push for the win.

My love for Nami! She’s an amazing support champ I was so excited when I got my first offical Pentakill with Zed!!!

Zed you’re a fantastic champ I’m going to be sad though when they nerf blackcleaver and it’s no longer a stackable item.

I will find a way to continue to own with you Zed!